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24 Apr 2023 Volunteer News

Gardeners’ Newsletter - Spring 2023

At last, Spring is here, and we’ve had a real mix of weather; the driest February on record then came the rain, gales, hail and even snow, along with some warm…

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31 Mar 2023 Volunteer News

A very special Afternoon Tea to celebrate our volunteers

Our charity was formed by dedicated people giving up their time to realise their ambition to change the way the people of Kirklees were cared for at the end of their…

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6 Feb 2023 Volunteer News

Volunteer with The Kirkwood - Tina and Helen’s story

Volunteering has been a part of the fabric of The Kirkwood since the idea of a 'Hospice for Kirklees' was first conceived, and over the years, our…

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3 Feb 2023 Volunteer News

Happy Birthday George!

The Kirkwood rely on a huge volunteer community to help us Support Life. They are the lifeblood of our charity and a vital part of our movement. It is only thanks to…

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17 Jan 2023 Volunteer News

Gardeners’ Newsletter - Winter 2022-23

Happy New Year, and welcome to our winter newsletter. Originally planned for publish over Christmas, having started early, I am now only completing this, as I was…

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