Spiritual Care

The Kirkwood Spiritual Care/Chaplaincy team deliver holistic and spiritual care.

What We Offer

The practice of holistic care recognises that the whole of a person’s selfhood and life comes with them into their health issues. The spiritual dimension is what affects us at the deepest level. Everyone possesses a spiritual dimension to his or her life. Whether religious or not, each person needs support systems in times of crisis. Patients, their relatives and friends may look for help to cope with the feelings associated with the being cared for by a hospice – whether as an in-patient, an attendee of the Support & Therapy Centre, Family Care or one of the our support groups (e.g. Bereavement).

Even the word “hospice” evokes feelings, let alone coming to one...

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

Spiritual care is focussed on helping people (patients, relatives or carers) to feel as good about themselves as possible. At Kirkwood, we aim to help people to feel safe and cared for.

Many patients, their families and friends, find it helpful to be able to talk to someone who has time to listen and who is experienced in supporting people who are affected by a life limiting illness.

The Spiritual Care Team is here to listen to you, whatever you would like to talk about. Whether you have a religious faith or no; we’re here to share your journey with you on your terms, at your speed. We are here for you, whoever you are, whatever your beliefs or questions.


Who We Are

The Spiritual Care/Chaplaincy Team is led by Jonathan Sharp, Spiritual Care Co-ordinator, supported by a team of trained and experienced volunteers. All have great skills in delivering spiritual care.

The whole team is involved in providing spiritual care because “all good care is spiritual care”.

Spiritual care is provided by the team in Support & Therapy to those who attend, work and volunteer there. There is 10:30am worship in the Quiet Space (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) This is non-denominational and open to everyone.

The Spiritual Care Team visits on the In-Patient Unit too, spending time with patients and families. Someone from the team is available every day of the week. Jonathan shares in facilitating the monthly Bereavement Evenings and is involved in training/supporting sessions, both with The Kirkwood employees and colleagues from other social healthcare settings.


How We Can Help

The Spiritual Care/Chaplaincy Team is here to listen, encourage, and accompany you with patience and compassion whenever you need support.

You are assured of receiving a “good listening-to” in a relaxed and utterly non-judgemental way.

There are other resources besides people: The Quiet Space is available for anyone. In here you may sit and reflect, light a candle to remember someone special or put a prayer, thought or memory onto the prayer tree.

We can help with thinking about and planning funerals; we can bring holy communion to the bedside; we can arrange simple acts of blessing. We are here to help – please ask.

We have a large, supportive network of leaders from other faith communities and belief groups, including all the Christian denominations and the Humanist Association. It is our role to ensure that you and your loved ones are supported in your spirituality or faith by the right people. We will do our very best to achieve that.


Contacting the Team

If you would like more information about Spiritual Care at Kirkrwood Hospice or would like to speak to a member of our team, please call us on: 01484 557 900

If you would like to print this information, you can find a link to our Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy leaflet at the foot of this page.