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Communication and co-ordination between healthcare professionals is essential to provide high quality care for patients with life-limiting and long term conditions. The Electronic Palliative Care Coordination System (EPaCCS) records and shares this information in an electronic record that can then be viewed by healthcare professionals. It is a national initiative that has been set up locally with help from Kirkwood Hospice.

EPaCCS records can be accessed by any professional who may be caring for a patient; including their GP, district nurses, specialist nurses, hospice services and some hospital services. The EPaCCS records are particularly useful for professionals such as out of hours doctors and night nursing services who may be less familiar with a particular patient. Recording this information in one place allows easy access to it, preventing repetition, duplication and aiding decision making. The EPaCCS also acts as a library for useful information that can be accessed by healthcare professionals either for their own use, or for patients and their carers to use.


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