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The Kirkwood Business Movement

The Kirkwood Business Movement are a collective of supporters who are passionate about caring for the most vulnerable in our community. Businesses who are passionate about our ambition to make sure that, in Kirklees, those in need have access to the best care available anywhere in the UK. When you join us, you’ll create opportunities, forge strong bonds with like-minded businesses and receive the backing of The Kirkwood community. And you’ll also underline your commitment to Support Life – a powerful statement that will resonate with your key stakeholders.



The Kirkwood was founded by a group of local people who believed that everyone deserved the very best care and support as they approached the end of their life. Passionate local people who cared about their community and wanted to make things better for them.

We have always relied on the support of local businesses who believe in the difference The Kirkwood make for local people affected by life limiting illnesses. We are passionate about the impact their support can have. By working together, we can reach more people in need, support more families and carers who don’t know where to turn, and create a true movement. Made up of the people who know and love our local area and believe, like The Kirkwood, that we can achieve more when we work together.

Welcome to #TheKirkwoodBusinessMovement



When you join The Kirkwood Business Movement, you’re letting the whole world know that, like us, you believe everyone deserves the chance to live the best quality of life possible. You’ll be partnering with a well-respected, credible local charity with a reputation for quality. And we are committed to helping you Support Life in your organisation too.

When you join The Kirkwood Business Movement we’ll:

  • Share your commitment on our website and social media channels
  • Provide you with a toolkit to help you share our partnership with your stakeholders
  • Create exclusive advertising opportunities for your business
  • Offer you the chance to create exclusive offers for fellow members
  • Offer volunteering and fundraising opportunities that give your employees a stake in their local community
  • Invite you to local and regional networking and social events
  • Create access to a variety of industries and services in our movement


Our commitment is to give you all the tools you need to help your employees understand more about our life changing work, so that, if they ever need us, they will know how to reach our for help.

When you join The Kirkwood Business Movement, we’ll invite a nominated person within your business to join our Support Life Network, helping them to become an ambassador within your business so that anyone affected by a life limiting illness has someone to turn to within your organisation. We’ll also commit to:

  • Train and develop your nominated Support Life Champion to help you support employees affected by a life limiting illness
  • Speak to your workforce about how and when to access our services
  • Help your HR department to support people affected by illnesses
  • Help your HR department understand when they can refer one of your employees to The Kirkwood's services.


We are looking for like-minded businesses to join our movement. Businesses whose people are driven by the very same passion and belief that we are.  When you join our movement, we’ll give you all the tools you need to show the world that you Support Life, and that you care what happens to your people as they reach the end of theirs. In return, we are asking for your commitment to:

  • Sign our ‘Support Life Charter’
  • Appoint a Support Life Champion in your business
  • Engage with your HR department (if you have one)
  • Share your commitment on your website, social media channels
  • Make a monthly contribution of at least £30 to support our services
  • Contribute at least one of the following: offer some volunteer time to The Kirkwood each month, support us during the year by taking part in an event which raises funds or awareness of our services
  • Encourage other businesses to consider making a similar pledge

If you're interested in becoming part of The Kirkwood Business Movement, contact Beverley Shaw at: businessmovement@thekirkwood.org.uk or call: 01484 557 911. 


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