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The Kirkwood Counselling team

The Kirkwood Counselling team provide emotional and psychological support for those living with, affected by or bereaved through a life limiting illness.

What We Offer


  • Pre-Bereavement support for the patient, their family and friends
  • Pre-Bereavement counselling, psychotherapy, advocacy and family and couple's support
  • Advice and liaison with allied health care professionals


  • One-to-one counselling, psychotherapy and family support, booked by appointment
  • Bereavement telephone support service
  • A bereavement support group: these sessions are held fortnightly on Tuesday mornings, from 10.00am - 12.00noon. For more information or to book onto a future session, call us on: 01484 557 910
  • Newly bereaved support group: this is a group for people who have been bereaved for over two months but for less than 12 months. These sessions are held fortnightly on Tuesday mornings from 10.00am - 11.00am. For more information or to book onto a future session, call us on: 01484 557 910
  • Education, training programmes and talks focussing on bereavement and loss issues, and listening skills
  • Consultancy, supervision and advice for allied healthcare professionals

Our Team

Our Counselling team consists of qualified counsellors and a spiritual care lead and chaplain. We also have volunteer counsellors and Bereavement Support workers who assist with the services outlined on this page.

Referral Criteria

The main criterion for referral to our Counselling team is that the person being referred is living with, caring for or is bereaved by a life limiting illness.

How We Can Help

The Kirkwood Counselling team work alongside you by trying to listen and understand what the world feels like for you. We attempt to offer you a safe space in which you can feel heard and accepted as you begin to work through very powerful emotions. We can offer sessions in an individual or group format.

We know from the team’s experience that both pre and post-bereavement can make us question elements of our lives such as the nature and meaning of life, relationships, spiritual crises, uncertainty and anxiety.

All our services are free.

Contacting the Team

To discuss referrals to The Kirkwood Counselling team or for further information on our referral criteria and services, please call: 01484 557 910

Need clinical advice?
Call our advice line on:

01484 557910

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