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Cathie Green


Cathie's background is in the legal profession. She has been a solicitor for 36 years specialising in family law and has, until recent retirement, been a partner with West Yorkshire firm Chadwick Lawrence.

Cathie retired as a solicitor in early 2022 which has given her time to focus on other interests and opportunities. She has a long held personal connection and interest in The Kirkwood and is now looking forward to the chance to become more involved as part of The Kirkwood's governance structure. Cathie is expecting this next chapter to be both challenging and fulfilling and is enthusiastically welcoming both.

On a more personal note, Cathie lives in Gomersal with husband David. They have two granddaughters (and another on the way) and these, full of fun, additions to the family keep them hugely entertained and very busy.

In quieter moments Cathie has discovered a recent love of baking (though you are unlikely to see her on Bake Off any time soon) and is becoming increasingly green fingered, enjoying her garden.

Cathie and David are also enjoying the step away from work in order to take more time to travel both in the UK and overseas.

Cathie is fully committed to supporting The Kirkwood's endeavours going forward, and hopes that she is able to share the skills and knowledge that she has learnt in her long career to the benefit of that organisation and its community.

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