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10 Nov 2023 Community

Tractor Fest Raises another £5,000 for The Kirkwood

Since 2019 Steven and Barbara Hirstle have raised thousands for The Kirkwood by putting on their unique and fantastic Tractor Fest. Hundreds of people come from far and wide to see the colourful and powerful tractors on display whilst helping to raise funds for a worthy cause.

The money raised is split between The Kirkwood and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance with both charities being close to the couple’s heart. They have raised over £45,000 between the two charities since they started their event.

After attending many annual tractor festivals as a young boy, Steven felt that the Kirklees community was missing out on something special, and he was keen to bring an event like this back to Kirklees.

Steven, his wife Barbara along with family and friends formed a committee to get the ball rolling.

Reflecting on this year’s event, Barbara said: “It went really well despite the weather. I think we've got a hardcore following now that will turn up despite what goes on weather wise, which is good.

“I think from where it's gone to where it is we might look to freshen it up next year, change is sometimes a a good thing. The progression of where we are and the achievements that's been made already are phenomenal, and we are all proud with how we have built up the event. So we want to spice things up to maintain the fact that we're encouraging people to come for the right reasons.

“I think people come because it's really family orientated and they do appreciate that and it is a unique event.

“Finally, I would just like to say a great big thank you to every single one that came and not only came but donated as well. They are two charities close to us and it’s something we love to support.” 

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