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23 Jan 2024 Community

The Kirkwood Spotlight- Tracy Rhodes

The Kirkwood nurses are at the heart of our movement, caring for people every day both in our local area of Kirklees and on our In-Patient Unit, they do a fantastic job helping those with long term life limiting illnesses feel comfortable and get the quality, skilled care they need.

Having worked for The Kirkwood for the past two years, Tracy Rhodes has been one of our exceptional nurses doing the job she clearly loves. Having worked in a variety of nursing roles and picking up a wide range of skills whilst working in the industry, Tracey has enjoyed her time in The Kirkwood movement and has now chosen to move on to pastures new as she continues her journey in patient care. She will be staying on as a bank nurse with The Kirkwood and she will always be apart of our movement.

We spoke to Tracy about her experiences whilst working within The Kirkwood movement, and although she is leaving to work full time somewhere else, she’ll always remember the time she had here.

She said: “I have worked for The Kirkwood for 2 years now, I’ve enjoyed working with the staff and learning about the different care that we give to families and patients in Kirklees.

“I am staying on as a bank nurse as the staff are so friendly and I have made quite a few friends from The Kirkwood.

“I love Palliative care and being able to support patients and their families through the toughest of moments.

“I do feel that moving was the right decision at this time in my career, but I will still be a familiar face on the In-Patient Unit, and I will always be proud to be part of The Kirkwood movement.”

As said Tracy has lots of skills within the health care sector and it was in her previous role as a mental health nurse that she saw how powerful palliative end of life care can be and why it’s so vital.

She said: “I worked in Mental health for 11 years and we had a palliative care patient on the ward, The patient in question was sectioned and chose to stay on the secure ward rather than be admitted to a hospice. We had a palliative care nurse that came and helped us to look after him and I was there at the end when he died.

“I felt so humble to be able to give him this care and this was when I decided to look at jobs in the role I have had with The Kirkwood. I then went to work for Marie Curie in the community for another 2 years and looked after people near the end of their life for the fast-track team. That involved providing support to families and their loved ones right up until the end. 

“I then noticed that there was a job vacancy for a bank staff nurse for The Kirkwood and so applied. In the interview I was offered a full-time job which I accepted. The rest as they say is history and as I said I’m proud to have worked for The Kirkwood and cared for the patients that I have, it’s been an honour to be part of this amazing charity.

“So now I am moving on and have been accepted for a new role with the Mid Yorkshire Trust, I will be working as an enhanced care support worker for the safeguarding team giving specialist care to vulnerable adults who need extra support whilst in the care of the hospital.

“I will be touching back into the mental health side of care, and I will still be providing personal care where needed for the most vulnerable people in our area. I’m looking forward to going into my new job and will take lots of what I have learnt from my time with The Kirkwood into this new role.”

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