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5 Feb 2024 Community

The Kirkwood Spotlight - Rosemary Holland

The Kirkwood staff are dedicated to caring for people with life limiting illnesses. One of the services we provide is our care home initiative where we have trained and skilled staff going into care homes and caring for those most vulnerable in our area.  

One of our senior staff nurses Rosemary Holland works specifically with Debs Hanson in our care home initiative. Rosemary is one of our longest serving employees and has worked for The Kirkwood for over 21 years.  

Having started her nurse training in the 1980s, Rosemary has become a vital part of our movement and someone we are proud to have as part of The Kirkwood family.  

On her career, she said: “I have worked for The Kirkwood for 21 years now and I’m one of the longest serving nurses.  

“I did my nurse training in the 1980’s at Trafford General Hospital, it was the first official NHS hospital, although that was before my time back in 1948. Training then was split between the wards and a school of nursing which was attached to the hospital. Now new nurses go through university to learn their skills rather than starting straight away in a hospital.”

Rosemary got her first knowledge of hospice care early on as she had a visit from a hospice employee whilst at nursing school.  

She explained: “During those days in the school of nursing I recall a visit from a minister who worked at St Anns Hospice. I remember thinking when I have enough experience and I’m good enough, I would love to work in a hospice.”

Rosemary has had to overcome some challenges in her life including battling against her own illness and has come out stronger on the other side.  

She commented: “I worked for a while on a medical ward and was then able to take a career break to have my children.

During that time, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and when my son was a baby underwent nine months of chemotherapy at The Christie Hospital.  

“It was a difficult time, but I survived obviously and gained greater insight into patients who have a cancer diagnosis. Following my recovery, I did lots of voluntary work with cancer patients and people with other life limiting conditions.”

Following her recovery Rosemary then started to work for The Kirkwood in what she describes as her dream job.  

“Eventually I got my dream job just over 21 years ago as a staff nurse at The Kirkwood.” she said.

 She continued: “I have always considered it a great privilege to work for The Kirkwood and as the years go on it is a privilege to still be alive following my brush with cancer.

“I have seen many changes at The Kirkwood, staff come and go, and it has been an honour to have learnt from so many great health care professionals.  

“It has been a joy to mentor many students and share my experience with new staff. Throughout the changes of staff and to the buildings we have, the main thing is at the heart of it remains the excellent standard of care for patients and their families.

“Two years ago, I left The Kirkwood’s In-Patient Unit and joined the community team, specifically looking after patients in nursing and care homes within Kirklees.  

“I really love this role and feel it was just the right fit for me at the right time. My years of experience within The Kirkwood working with such a skilled team of nurses and doctors has meant I can succeed in a more independent role, supporting patients, families, and care homes.  

“It continues to be a privilege to work for The Kirkwood within a supportive team which is ever changing and evolving, taking on challenges and increasing our reach.”

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