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16 Jan 2024 Volunteer News

Meet Trevor, retail volunteer at The Kirkwood Shop, Slaithwaite.

“I enjoy every part of my role, meeting people and interacting with customers” - meet Slaithwaite's very own born and bred retail volunteer, Trevor as he shares his experience of volunteering at our shop in heart of the village.

Trevor is a kind-hearted local man who has lived in the quaint former civil parish town of Slaithwaite, nestled within the picturesque Clone Valley area of Kirklees, for his whole life. He has always been an active member of his community, lending a hand to whoever and wherever possible. So, when Trevor retired, it wasn't long before he began to miss the daily interactions associated with the working world. The slower pace of life and being indoors the majority of the time just wasn't for him.

Determined to stay active and continue making a difference, Trevor sought a reference from his former employer to aid him in applying for a volunteering role at one of the many charity shops dotted around the village. After all, what better way to stay connected with his beloved community than to give back through volunteering. And that's exactly what Trevor did. Joining our volunteering team at our Slaithwaite shop just over ten years ago, Trevor has been an invaluable member of the team, bringing his wealth of knowledge of the area and positive outlook to our team, his friendly demeanour making him popular among both The Kirkwood team and customers alike.

Trevor began his volunteering career donation one day of his time a week at our shop in 2012, eventually adding an additional day, working from 9am until 1pm on Tuesday’s and Friday’s

Trevor comments:
“I enjoy every part of my role, from accepting donations and sorting through the bags, hanging the clothes up, to interacting with the customers. I just love it here. Meeting people and getting out of the house and being stopped in the street to talk with local people who recognise me from my work lanyard and badge. It’s lovely.”

Trevor, a long-time resident of Slaithwaite, has witnessed numerous changes and developments over the years. One of the most significant changes was our shop's relocation from Brittania Lane to Carr Lane, which is located in the heart of the community, right next to A. Harris Butchers.

Interestingly enough, the new location of our shop was once the original chemist of the village where Trevor's mum worked for many years, making it a place that holds a lot of personal memories for him. As Trevor strolls past the shop on his daily walks, he often reminisces about the times he spent with his mother in that very same location when he was a child.

Slaithwaite Shop Manager, Emily Lumb comments:
“Trevor is our dream volunteer who never misses a day of work. He works hard to complete all of his tasks and always has a smile on his face. He gets along very well with the rest of the team. Since our shop relocated to the main street, Trevor is much happier as he can see familiar faces passing by.

There are many different opportunities available for volunteering that are open to everyone. Volunteering not only helps others but has also been proven to enhance your own wellbeing by providing you with valuable new skills, and experiences, boosting your confidence, and offering a social aspect. But you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what Volunteer Team Leader, Linda Moore, has to say about volunteering at The Kirkwood.”

Volunteer Team Leader, Linda Moore comments:
“Our doors are always open to those that wise to volunteer and offer a helping hand. As a charity we couldn’t half the things we do without our dedicated volunteers. Any time people can give is always welcome, whether it’s few hours a day or two in our shops, like Trevor, or more, we have volunteering opportunities to suit everyone! It’s a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and really make a difference for a local charity and hospice which cares for people right in the heart of the village.”

If you’ve been thinking about dedicating some of your time to a charitable cause, start your volunteering journey with The Kirkwood here: bit.ly/47fjWoe