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24 Nov 2023 Community

Huddersfield Vets Bowling Association raises another £550 for The Kirkwood in memory of John Hoyle

For the third year running The Huddersfield Veterans Bowling Association coupled with a local family called the Hoyle’s have raised over £1,500 for The Kirkwood in memory of John Hoyle who died on The Kirkwood’s In-Patient Unit in April 2020.

John was a keen bowler all his life and loved the game dearly, The Huddersfield Veterans Bowling Association raised another £550 across 2023. The association has over 1500 players competing in 96 teams every week, in leagues and cup competitions. One of those cup competitions is named after John who was the associations secretary for many years before being elected President in February 2020 just before he died in the April of that year.

The Hoyle family donated a magnificent trophy for the competition, and they sponsor it each year. All the entry fees go into a fund for The Kirkwood. John’s club Huddersfield Recreation always donate £100 which is brilliant to see. As well as the competition, the association runs raffles too to boost the fund up.

Richard Armitage of the bowling association said of the event: “As well as the fundraising element, we hoped that the competition would entice new people to get into the game. The competition has really grown over the last three years, and we are delighted that so many players enjoy taking part in it. A lot of John’s ex-colleagues and fellow players take part in the event which is brilliant too.

“As an association it gives us a lot of pride being able to raise the funds we do for The Kirkwood. I think it's something we should be doing as a bowling association contributing to society in general and to the local community.”

John’s wife Doreen is incredibly grateful for the care her husband received in the hospice before he died.

She said: “I'm very pleased with the association running the event and raising the funds they do, John was a patient with The Kirkwood and he was a very keen bowler, so to tie the two together I think is excellent.

“The care he received was excellent, but unfortunately it was at the very beginning of the pandemic and so we couldn’t get to see him. That meant we didn't get as a family the full The Kirkwood experience.”

The current president of the association Frank Greenwood wanted to pay his respects to the Hoyle family by commenting: “It is great that we can support such a good cause as The Kirkwood who makes a difference to people’s lives.

“It’s fantastic to have the Hoyle family both sponsor the event and be so heavily involved. They bought the trophy and also sponsor it which makes up the prize money which is terrific. We are pleased to support the Hoyle family and raise the funds we do for The Kirkwood as they cared for John so well.”

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