Virtual Wellbeing

Are you living with a condition or supporting someone who is? The Kirkwood can support you to manage your condition and not let your condition manage you. All of our sessions are open to both patients and carers and are delivered virtually on Zoom.

Our wide range of virtual sessions offer advice and support to help you manage your condition or support you in your caring role. Our sessions will help you maintain and improve your quality of life — in whatever ways are important to you.

You will find details about all the current sessions we are offering - as well as all the upcoming dates - further down this page.


Register your interest

If you would like to book on to any of these sessions, you can register your interest below and a member of our Support & Therapy team will be in touch to discuss the sessions with you.

Please ensure you include a contact number and name when registering your interest.



Learn lots and meet new people

Our sessions don’t just cover practical help and advice, we offer something for everyone. It’s a great chance to meet new people and share experiences in a welcoming environment.


Support for carers

We’re not just here to support patients. All our sessions are suitable for carers too — and we’ve even created sessions specifically for those caring for someone with a life limiting illness.


We’ll help you get online

We know not everyone’s a dab hand when it comes to online courses and Zoom calls, so please don’t let that stop you from giving it a go. Our friendly team will help get you up and running in no time.


Sessions for any condition

Our team are here to help you maintain and improve your quality of life. Our virtual courses offer something for everyone. Whatever your condition, our team can offer expert advice and support. Click below to find out more about our different sessions:

Braveheart Fallback

These sessions are run in partnership with the Locala Heart Failure Nurses and aim to support you to live well with heart failure - open to patients and carers.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Wednesday 19th May, 11am - 12pm (session one)
  • Wednesday 26th May, 11am - 12pm (session two)

Breathe Better Fallback

These sessions aim to support you to live well with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) - open to patients and carers.

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Tuesday 18th May (MEDS), 2pm - 3pm

Chair Zumba Fallback

Open to both patients and carers, Chair Zumba is an opportunity to access more physical activity, along with sharing a fun and inclusive dance class together.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Monday 4th May, 11am - 11.30am
  • Monday 11th May, 11am - 11.30am
  • Monday 18th May, 11am - 11.30am
  • Monday 25th May, 11am - 11.30am
  • Tuesday 8th June, 11am - 11.30am
  • Tuesday 15th June, 11am - 11.30am
  • Tuesday 22nd June, 11am - 11.30am /KA

Coping Strategies and Relationships Fallback

This session focuses on how illness impacts on our closest relationships. It offers a supportive space to reflect, with suggestions on how to tackle these issues.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Thursday 6th May, 11am - 12pm

Keeping Active With Your Condition Fallback

Physical activity is for everyone. It can help us sleep better and feel better. Join a member of The Kirkwood Physiotherapy team to take part in some gentle exercise.

Upcoming sessions: New dates coming soon

Managing Breathlessness Fallback

Regardless of what condition is causing you to feel breathless , a member of Kirkwood's physiotherapy team will support you to manage this better.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Tuesday 4th May, 2pm - 3pm
  • Tuesday 8th June, 2pm - 3pm

Managing Fatigue Fallback

Fatigue is so much more than feeling tired - a member of Kirkwood's Occupational Therapy team is here to support you to manage fatigue and not let fatigue manage you.

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Thursday 27th May, 2pm - 3pm
  • Thursday 17th June, 2pm - 3pm

Men's Space Fallback

A social group for men which covers all things conversational, including monthly sessions with the Sporting Memories Team from the Huddersfield Town Foundation.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Thursday 13th May, 11am - 12pm (with Sporting Memories)
  • Thursday 27th May, 11am - 12pm
  • Thursday 10th June, 11am - 12pm (with Sporting Memories)
  • Thursday 24th June, 11am - 12pm
  • Thursday 8th July, 11am - 12pm (with Sporting Memories)
  • Thursday 22 July, 11am - 12pm

Mindfulness Fallback

Upcoming sessions:

  • Thursday 6th May, 2pm - 3pm
  • Thursday 3rd June, 11am - 12pm
  • Thursday 1st July, 11am - 12pm

Music Therapy Fallback

We're delighted to be working in partnership with Nordoff-Robbins, the UK's largest music therapy charity,  to deliver one-to-one music therapy sessions over Zoom. The sessions are run by skilled musicians who are expertly trained to tune into each movement, reaction and expression to discover how music can enrich your life. This could be to unlock memories, to communicate where words have failed, to connect with family and friends or to build confidence and self-esteem.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with our Support & Therapy team on: 01484 557 900

Neurological Information Sessions Fallback

Two different sessions for people living with a degenerative neurological condition such as MS, MND and Parkinson's Disease. The sessions cover topics such as: managing your condition, how to make the most of your hospital appointments and also an overview of practical ideas to help with swallowing and communication difficulties - open to both patients and carers

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Wednesday 5th May, 11am - 12pm

Online Choir Fallback

We're delighted to be working in partnership with Nordoff-Robbins, who are running an online choir every Friday from 2pm-3pm .

"But I can't sing!" we hear you say! Don't worry, the session is all about the joy that having a sing song can bring, and the beauty of Zoom is that everyone is muted whilst singing - so it's more like singing in the shower or in your car! It's great fun. We'd love to see you there! 

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Friday 11th June, 2pm - 3pm
  • Friday 18th June, 2pm - 3pm
  • Friday 25th June, 2pm - 3pm
  • Friday 2nd July, 2pm - 3pm
  • Friday 9th July, 2pm - 3pm
  • Friday 16th July, 2pm - 3pm
  • Friday 23rd July, 2pm - 3pm
  • Friday 30th July, 2pm - 3pm

This is Me Fallback

This is all about you! A session which explores self-care, DIY pampering and mindfulness - open to patients and carers.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Wednesday 26th May, 11am - 12pm
  • Wednesday 9th June, 11am - 12pm
  • Wednesday 23rd June, 11am - 12pm
  • Thursday 29th July, 11am - 12pm

Eating Well With Your Condition Fallback

Meet Lisa Green, dietician , who will share some tips about eating well.

Upcoming sessions: New dates coming soon.

An introduction to The Kirkwood Care Co-ordination Service Fallback

What does co-ordinated care mean to you? Meet a member of The Kirkwood Care Co-ordination Team and find out how they can provide support and advice throughout any aspect of your care journey.

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Tuesday 1st June, 2pm - 3pm

Share and Care Fallback

A session for people in a caring role which aims to support you with moving an adult safely and looking after an adult's vulnerable skin . 

Upcoming sessions: New dates coming soon

Sleep Management Fallback

Not sleeping well can affect everything else we do. A member of The Kirkwood Occupational Therapy team will share some practical ideas around getting a better night's sleep.

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Thursday 13th May, 2pm - 3pm
  • Wednesday 30th June, 11am - 12pm

Sporting Memories Fallback

Sporting Memories was born out of a love for football and memorabilia that accompanies the beautiful game. Open to all patients and caers, come along and reminisce with others.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Thursday 20th May, 11am - 12pm
  • Thursday 15th July, 11am - 12pm

Thinking about the future with Advance Care Planning Fallback

Advance Care Planning is for everyone - it is a way to think ahead, to describe what’s important to you and to ensure other people know your wishes for the future.   Thinking ahead, discussing with others and writing things down means that your wishes are known and respected, and you’re more likely to receive the kind of care you want in the place you choose if you become unwell, or if you could no longer speak for yourself.

Upcoming sessions: New dates coming soon.

Using equipment to maintain your independence at home with Alex Roberts from Medequip Fallback

Alex will join us virtually to demonstrate some useful pieces of equipment that you can purchase to maintain your independence - from sock aids to kettle tippers - he has it all covered!

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Wednesday 12th May, 2pm - 3pm

Carers Count Fallback

Carers Count offer so much support for people in a caring role - come and meet a member of the team to find out more.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Wednesday 19th May, 2pm - 3pm (Information Session)
  • Wednesday 16th May, 2pm - 3pm (including Carers Skin Session)

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