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16 Oct 2020 Community

Supporters for Life

Just a few short weeks ago, we were delighted to introduce a brand new chapter in the story of our vital local charity. You might not know this, but this project was all made possible thanks to a local design agency who offered their time, expertise and skills free of charge.

Created in partnership with Huddersfield-based design studio Kenyon Weston, our identity project was generously taken on at no cost to The Kirkwood. Kenyon Weston’s gift has ensured that the donations we receive from our local community can continue to be spent in the best possible way and are focussed on continuing to help people in our local community affected by a life limiting illness, every step of the way.

Updating our identity isn’t something we took lightly, but today, more than ever, we need to tell the world who we are. We need to reach out to local people with a renewed sense of clarity, consistency and purpose so that more people in need understand how we can help and reach out for our support.

Kenyon Weston wanted to help The Kirkwood do just that, because of an experience of care many years ago and because they wanted to help support people in the community where they are based.

A labour love for the whole team, our identity project was a far cry from their usual global client list, but it has been a project that has resonated with them.

Matt Kenyon, Director of Kenyon Weston, said: “The opportunity to create something lasting and meaningful that benefits the whole of the local community is probably one of the most rewarding things we can hope to do as an agency. I have vivid memories of visiting my grandfather at the In-Patient Unit at The Kirkwood when I was boy, so we were honoured to offer our services to the charity at no cost.

“We don’t just want to thank The Kirkwood for their collaboration and trust in us, but for making Kenyon Weston part of this amazing community of people. We’re all now life supporters of Support Life.”

Everyone at The Kirkwood would like to say thank you to the team at Kenyon Weston for their hard work, dedication, passion and continued support, which has all been provided free of charge so that we can focus on we always have done. To Support Life.

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