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13 Feb 2020 Community

Running 26 miles for 20 years

Claire Florence’s mum was cared for by Kirkwood at the end of her life. To pay tribute to her mum 20 years on, Claire took on the challenge of raising vital funds for Kirkwood.

21 years ago, in 1999, Claire’s mum was cared for at the end of her life by Kirkwood. To mark 20 years, Claire took on the challenge of running the 2019 Edinburgh marathon in her memory.

Claire said: “It was the 20th anniversary of losing my mum at Kirkwood in 2019, so to me that was my excuse to do the marathon.

“It’s been a long time and raising money was something I had never got round to doing. It was quite poignant with it being 20 years.”

Having previously taken part in the London marathon five years ago, Claire set herself six months to train for the Scottish capital marathon. Despite not sticking to her schedule and finding the weather and life getting in the way, Claire took to the streets of Edinburgh on Sunday 26th May.

As Claire lives in Barnsley and works in Wakefield, she found it difficult to raise sponsorship money for Kirkwood when training for the marathon, so took it upon herself to organise a second fundraiser to benefit the Hospice.

Kirkwood Community Fundraiser, Joanna Doherty, with Claire


In June last year Claire hosted a bowling tournament at her local Bowling Alley in Barnsley, asking participants to pay a fee with all profits coming to Kirkwood.

Claire’s partner, Stuart, said: “A team of three enters and after paying the Bowling Alley a basic fee, everything else went to Kirkwood. We also asked people to donate prizes for a raffle and sold tickets at £1.

“It just so happened that we had an inter-club social league at the Bowling Alley which included some funds, as Claire’s charity tournament came closer the league folded and the money from that was also donated to Kirkwood.”

Despite Kirkwood not being the local Hospice for many people that attended, Claire and Stuart were delighted to see so many local people and their friends rally behind the bowling tournament.

After two successful fundraisers, Claire raised an amazing £1,448 for patient care.

Claire and Stuart recently visited Kirkwood to meet with Kirkwood Community Fundraiser, Joanna Doherty.

Joanna said: “Claire has raised an incredible amount for Kirkwood and we can’t thank her enough, it will make a huge difference to local people in our community. Kirkwood couldn’t continue to provide the very best care to people in every corner of Kirklees if it wasn’t for our wonderful supporters.

“On behalf of everyone at Kirkwood, we’d like to thank Claire so much for her fundraising last year.”

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