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23 Nov 2021 Community

Carol Ellis to attend The Kirkwood Light Up A Life service to remember Leigh

Light up a Life is a chance for our whole community to come together to remember someone special in our lives and celebrate their memories. It’s not just for those who have been touched by The Kirkwood, but for anyone who wants to pay tribute to those they love as the year draws to a close.

Carol Ellis, from Huddersfield, is looking forward to remembering her husband, Leigh when she takes part in our Light up a Life service in December.

Carol’s husband, Leigh, died eleven years ago after being admitted to hospital with bowel problems. Surgeons discovered that Leigh’s bowel was completely blocked, and despite seven hours in theatre they were unable to save him.

Carol remembers that terrible day 11 years ago as clear as if it was yesterday. She said: “They say that time heals but at any moment I can be back there reliving every minute of that day. Leigh was a wonderful husband and father to our two sons. He absolutely adored us and spent his 60 years of life working hard to make us happy.

“Our two sons, who are now 41 and 44, have wonderful memories of a father who would drop everything to take them wherever they wanted to go.”

As with many families, Christmas can be the happiest time of the year. A chance for people to spend time with loved ones doing the things they most enjoy. Carol’s family was no different and she remembers how much she used to enjoy the festive period with Leigh and her two boys.

She said: “Christmas was a wonderful time, where he came into his own, having purchased some amazing gifts for the family. He watched us open our presents then spent hours in the kitchen making us a beautiful meal to share together. We all share our thoughts at Christmas of times gone by and the laughter we shared together.”

“Leigh was a gadget man and would always buy something that he could play with himself. I recall a time when we bought him a remote-controlled helicopter and he couldn’t wait to try it out.

“As we all ventured out to see its maiden flight, we fought back tears of laughter as it disappeared over the hill closely followed by a puffing and panting Leigh as he tried to catch it.

“No one can ever take away the wonderful memories that we shared, and I look forward to seeing his lovely star shining brightly on The Kirkwood tree this year for all to see.”

If you’d like to remember someone special this December, you can make a dedication online. Visit: www.thekirkwood.org.uk/lightupalife

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