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7 Jan 2022 Community

Kevin Parker tells his story of how he feels The Kirkwood saved his life

The Kirkwood exist to improve the quality of life for local people across Kirklees, against all the odds. Together, we help those in our care to live well and make the most of every single day. We can support patients with their symptom management both in their own homes and on our In-Patient Unit.

Kevin Parker from Huddersfield talks to us about how he feels The Kirkwood saved his life in the summer of 2021. Having had two separate stays on our In-Patient Unit he is now enjoying his life back at home once more.

Kevin, 60, was having problems with his heart and from that, other problems arose which eventually left him unable to properly communicate or move. He had issues with his stomach, kidneys and his legs. After a stay on our In-Patient Unit Kevin began to feel much more comfortable and is grateful to our nurses for their outstanding care.

Having been cared for in hosiptal, Kevin’s first stay on our In-Patient Unit was at the end of July. When he arrived he couldn’t properly walk, eat or talk and he feared for his life.

After another short stay back in hospital, Kevin was admitted to our care once again in the middle of August and stayed on our In-Patient Unit for five weeks.

On his care, Kevin explained: “I was being cared for in hospital but I was really struggling and my brother said he knew of The Kirkwood and thought they could help.“The hospital rang my brother asking him to come down because it could have been the end in a matter of hours, thankfully nothing happened. I was then transferred to The Kirkwood unable to speak. When I went to The Kirkwood I was determined to beat all my illnesses.

“Once my condition started to improve I got a better understanding of the care I had received and how many people are involved with The Kirkwood, including both staff and volunteers.

“I was always laughing and joking with everyone, you couldn’t feel negative or down, they were great and kept my spirits up.

“The care I received from The Kirkwood compared to what I received in hospital was just so different. The Kirkwood nurses found new ways to help me to take my medicine, adding it to my food whereas in hospital they had expected me to swallow tablets which I couldn’t. I struggled to eat anything there, but I never had a problem when in The Kirkwood’s care.”

Kevin was extremely appreciative of the care he received from The Kirkwood and says that he simply wouldn’t be here without their hard work, dedication and kindness.

He said: “I will forever be grateful to The Kirkwood nurses and everyone who works there, if it hadn’t had been for them, I just wouldn’t have made it. They were professional and caring and they became like friends in the end.

“When I left The Kirkwood In-Patient Unit I said to the nurses it was them that helped saved my life and they said that it was all down to me.”

“I know I can speak to anyone from The Kirkwood at any point and if anyone ever asked me where they should go to get support and care, I always tell them The Kirkwood, there is nowhere better.”

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