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26 Apr 2021 Community

Friends of Holme Valley Hospital support The Kirkwood

The Kirkwood are here to improve quality of life for local people, against all the odds. We are determined to play our part in helping our local community to support those affected by life limiting illness and are delighted to announce the launch of the End of Life Care Champions Programme in partnership with Kirklees Council. We would like to thank Friends of Holme Valley Hospital members for supporting the programme.

The Kirkwood are here for anyone affected by a life limiting illness here in Kirklees, right from diagnosis through to end of life. We are working hard, alongside The Kirkwood Nurses to create an outstanding model of care in every town and village across Kirklees, including in patients’ own homes and in care homes.

This will allow The Kirkwood to reduce the gap between those needing support and those who receive it, so that everyone who needs help can access it, when and where they need it.

The Kirkwood believe high quality end of life care should not be limited to the In-Patient Unit in Dalton. We deliver care and support everywhere in the local community with patients often choosing to die at home or in their care home – in familiar, less clinical environments.

Chris Swinton, Trust and Legacy Fundraiser with The Kirkwood, has been working with the local community to support a new programme delivering end of life care training in care homes. Chris said: “We know there are gaps in care homes accessing education on end of life care.

“While The Kirkwood’s ‘End of life Care workbook’ which launched in 2019 has been successful, we know there’s more to do. So we’ve developed a programme of training in partnership with Kirklees Council, which has led to the creation of the End of Life Care (EOLC) Champions Programme.

“The League of Friends of Holme Valley Hospital have played a pivotal role in  supporting this vital programme, donating £1,500 to help us achieve our goals. We would like to say a big thank you to all the members of The League of Friends of Holme Valley Hospital.

David Barnett, member of the Friends of Holme Valley Hospital, presenting their donation


“This training has prepared the End of Life Care Champions to care more effectively for the residents in their care and has enabled carers to recognise the dying phase. In turn, these champions are able to pass on the knowledge they have learned to other members of their team. This will not only benefit their colleagues, but the patients and residents in their care and their families.

“The Kirkwood has already supported delegates from 18 Care Homes from across Kirklees to take part in this programme. Thanks to The League of Friends of Holme Valley Hospital, we are closer to fully funding another round of training for those who are caring in our community.”

To find out more about this programme and to help support it, please contact Chris Swinton by emailing: chris.swinton@thekirkwood.org.uk.

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