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1 Apr 2021 Community

Corporate Landlord team complete 2,730-mile challenge for The Kirkwood

Over the course of just five weeks between December 2020 and January 2021, 33 members of the Kirklees Corporate Landlord team tackled the virtual Land’s End to John O’Groats challenge, walking, running and cycling over 2,700 miles in total and raising in excess of £2,400 to help The Kirkwood Support Life.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on us all, and as restrictions continued to take over our daily lives towards the end of last year, the staff at Kirklees Corporate Landlord were determined to boost their mental health and wellbeing as they entered into the new year.

33 members of the team set out to complete the mammoth challenge of travelling the distance from Land’s End to John O-Groats by walking, cycling, running, swimming, riding horses and hitting the treadmill in their spare time.

The challenge took place from 14th December 2020 to the 17th January 2021 and by the end of the five week period, the team had smashed their target distance by covering a total of 2,730-miles – the distance from Land’s End to John O-Groats and back again plus an extra 1,056-miles.

The challenge was organised by Business Support Officer, Alison Senior, who co-ordinated the group throughout the five weeks, keeping total of the miles and helping the fundraiser to run smoothly.

The team continued to support one another throughout the challenge despite tackling rain, snow and gale force winds by sharing their journeys on a group chat and organising a photography challenge to run alongside.

Friends and family offered their support too by heading out on weekend walks and donating sponsorship which helped to raise a staggering £2,400 for The Kirkwood.

Business Support Officer at Corporate Landlord, Alison Sykes, took part in the challenge with her colleagues. Alison said: “I now walk every working day at dinnertime, just for an hour, but it has done me the world of good. We go out walking at the weekend too.”

Asset Management Officer, Robert Crossland, added: “I jumped at the chance to take part in the Charity Challenge to raise money for The Kirkwood. Although we had picked the worst time of year with snow and ice and less than eight hours daylight.

“On the final day of the challenge, I managed a 25 km run up to Buckstones Edge and back, in shorts, in the freezing cold. Overall, in the five weeks, I covered over 300 miles and raised nearly £300 for the charity. I could not have done it without the encouragement, support and generosity of friends and family along the way."

Hearing of the amazing effort made by the whole team, Joanna Doherty, Community Fundraiser with The Kirkwood, was delighted to be able to attend a virtual call with the Corporate Landlord team. Ahead of the virtual call, Joanna said: “This challenge has been truly incredible and it’s amazing to see how the team smashed both their targets of raising £1,000 and completing 1,674-miles.

“Knowing that fundraising challenges are being set to help people with the daily struggles of the pandemic along with raising funds for The Kirkwood is inspiring. The money raised will make a real difference for local families affected by a life limiting illness in Kirklees, thank you so much to everyone who took part and donated.”

As the challenge finished towards the end of January, the photos taken were collected from the team members and sent to The Kirkwood’s In-Patient Unit team to judge on the best dressed/Christmas jumper, the best participants photo and the best scenic view.

Congratulations to Anna Clayton with her photo of Tilly, winning first place for the best dressed, and again in second place with her photo of Anna and Twinks.

For the best participant photo, first place goes to Emma Davies, with Andrew Thompson following in second place and Alison Senior in third.

The best scenic view first place goes to Scott Deacon, with Alex Gosling following in second and third places.

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