Keep Your Sparkle

Come along to our Keep Your Sparkle workshop for support in dealing with the visible signs of illnesses such as cancer, and cancer treatments. Our beauty therapists can advise on skin care and make up techniques, aiming to increase your confidence and well-being, helping you to Keep Your Sparkle!

Read our handy information guide below  to find out how Keep Your Sparkle could benefit you or someone you love.


What is Keep Your Sparkle?

Keep Your Sparkle is a workshop run by the Complementary Therapy team at Kirkwood. We offer you a safe, protected space to access advice and support when you have experienced changes to your appearance following illnesses such as cancer, or medical treatments like chemotherapy.

How does the Kirkwood team help?

Our team of trained beauty therapists and beauty therapy volunteers will be on hand to advise and support you in exploring skin care and make-up techniques to help you manage issues such as sensitive skin, skin changes, nail damage and loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Do I have to join in?

It’s absolutely fine if you’d prefer to come along and observe and get some tips. However, you’ll have the opportunity to try skin care products and make-up techniques during the workshop. Whatever works best for you!

Can I bring someone with me?

You are welcome to bring a partner, family member or friend to support you, but the focus of the workshop will be on your personal needs.

Is it just for cancer patients?

While a lot of the techniques we will use are more focussed on issues faced by people after cancer and cancer treatments, we welcome people with any life limiting conditions, as well as their carers. Our friendly team are happy to discuss your personal needs and will try to meet your requirements.

How will I benefit?

Our aim is to improve your confidence and enhance your wellbeing. We hope Keep Your Sparkle could provide a small boost that helps you shine a little brighter.

Can I attend more than once?

Each Keep Your Sparkle session will follow a similar format so we believe just one session with our team will make a big difference. However, if you feel like you might benefit from a refresher in the future, you are welcome to attend again.


Book your place

Keep Your Sparkle sessions have unfortunately been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. For more information or to reigster your interest, please contact our Complementary Therapy team on: 01484 557900.

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