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24 Sep 2021 Community

Tracie Robinson conquers fears to raise vital funds for The Kirkwood

Tracie Robinson conquered her fears earlier this year when she strapped herself to the outside of a plane to raise vital funds for The Kirkwood. Now she’s decided to support us again, although she’s keeping her feet firmly on the ground this time around. 

Tracie Robinson is certainly one for daring challenges. Earlier this year, she raised a magnificent £2,000 for The Kirkwood, facing her fears of heights head on taking to the skies as part of our gravity defying Wing Walk challenge back in April. 

With her feet now firmly back on terra firma, 50 -year- old Tracie decided to host a Get Together for The Kirkwood at her house in Fenay Bridge this month. Friends and family members will be invited to help raise funds at the event, which she is calling ‘Coffee, Cake and Cocktails’.  

She is looking forward to hosting the event as she believes The Kirkwood is a well worth charity raising funds for. She said: “When I did my wing walk, I knew I was facing my own fears, I challenged myself and won. This event is different, and it will be nice to invite people around to our first proper family and friends get together at our new house.  

“Me and my husband have just finished building this house and we haven’t been able to get anyone over yet because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, we are really looking forward to seeing people who we might not have seen for a while. Obviously, the message is that we want to raise as much as possible for a fantastic charity such as The Kirkwood.  

“The community really needs them as they help so many people, I don’t think people realise sometimes how many people The Kirkwood actually help in a single day. What I do know though is that it is like a huge community which is brilliant.” 

Reflecting on her successful wing walk challenge back in April, Tracie was proud of what she had achieved in the face of her biggest fears, and despite being a bit wobbly stepping back on to solid ground she was thrilled she plucked up the courage to do it.  

“I was proud of myself after I had done it and it was nice to have people there who I knew too, cheering me on. I was a bit wobbly when I stood back on the ground. I was in a bit of shock really thinking about what I had achieved. I was determined to do it though; I had seen an elderly lady do it and I thought to myself why can’t I do that.” 

“I couldn’t feel my legs when I got off the plane, they were like jelly, but when you were up in the sky everything was so beautiful like a dream really, then when we were coming back down I had tears in my eyes. It was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life, and to raise that amount of money was just brilliant.”  

There’s still time to take part in The Kirkwood Get Together. If you’d like to host your very own afternoon tea, coffee morning, BBQ or party to help The Kirkwood Support Life right here in Kirklees, visit: www.thekirkwood.org.uk/gettogether  

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