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17 Apr 2024 Community

Beer Street pub in Dewsbury raises thousands of pounds for The Kirkwood

The Kirkwood are proud of those people who are in our movement that have been supporting us for a long time. These long-time fundraisers have collected thousands of pounds over the years and helped us to Support Life in Kirklees.

Two people who have raised funds for us since 2004 are Teresa and David Diskin who own the Beer Street pub in Dewsbury, an establishment they have owned since 1998.

Their fundraising for The Kirkwood came on the back of some other fundraising activities they had done since 2002.

On starting their fundraising journey, David explained, he said: “We bought the pub, Beer Street, in 1998 and our first fundraising activities for charity started in 2002 on behalf of one of our regular customers whose group, whirlybirds, wanted to take children to the seaside and give them the chance to ride in a helicopter. Following on from this fundraising effort we decided to do some fundraising for other local charities too.

“In 2004 our first fundraiser for The Kirkwood took place and we raised a total of £850. This followed on from one our regular customers receiving treatment from The Kirkwood.

“Since 2004 we have raised £15,000 for The Kirkwood which we believe is a very worthy charity and one that is close to the hearts of both of us and a number of our customers who have had family and friends treated and cared for by the charity.  

“The type of fundraising that we do includes a weekly mixed grill draw, Christmas and Easter Raffles, domino knock-out competition and much more.

“We work from April to March each year, during March regulars get to vote for the charity of their choice to receive the funds raised throughout each year. The Kirkwood is always one of the charities that is chosen and donations account for over half of the total funds raised.

“Due to the fact we own a local pub, we are keenly aware of the fantastic generosity of many of our customers over the years. We are both very proud of the sums raised for the various charities, even in hard times.

“Finally, The Kirkwood is always in our hearts when it comes to fundraising as we are fully aware of all the good work done by the staff and volunteers to keep this essential service available to the people of Kirklees who are living with life limiting illnesses.”

Everyone in The Kirkwood movement would like to thank Teresa and David Diskin and all the regulars at the Beer Street pub for all the fundraising that they do for our cause.

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