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20 Jul 2021 Care

The Kirkwood secures Music Therapy Funding from National Lottery

The Kirkwood are delighted to receive £4.500 from the National Lottery which has helped to secure our Music Therapy sessions for the next year.

Over the past 15 months The Kirkwood has had to adapt to how it continues to support people whilst abiding by government Coronavirus restrictions. One of the new and unique ways we have helped to support people is through music. 

This we are delighted to announce can continue to happen as we have secured £4.500 from the National Lottery fund. 

The Kirkwood in partnership with music therapy charity Nordoff Robins created an online virtual choir. This was a huge success and had a lot of people taking part. As well as the activity of creating the music it gave people the opportunity to interact with others whilst stuck inside their own homes. 

Our online choir sessions take place every Friday and our service users spend an hour with each other – virtually – singing much-loved songs with one another. We know that singing in front of others can be a nerve-racking idea, that’s why everyone taking part has their microphones muted so they can sing comfortably in their own homes.

We would like to take this opportunity to once more thank the David Family Foundation for making a private donation towards the Music Therapy sessions. Now coupled with the National Lottery funding the sessions can continue to go ahead. 

The great news is that with restrictions lifting our music therapy sessions don't have to stop. 

Chris Swinton Trusts and Major Donors Fundraiser said on receiving the funds: "The National Lottery Community Fund helps organisations like The Kirkwood change and adapt to respond to new and future challenges. The restrictions of the pandemic forced Music Therapy to hold virtual sessions rather than gathering at our Support and Therapy centre.

"Over the months of the pandemic, the Virtual Choir gained a strong following of regulars. Patients, family members, carers, and staff are all involved. This became a community of shared experiences – and fun!

"The National Lottery has ensured that Music Therapy will continue to reach out across Kirklees to all those with life limiting conditions, offering them escapism, enjoyment and friendly company."

Support and Service Therapy manager Mary Tyrrell-Place said: "I have tried to get music therapy for a while, and we had done bits here and there. When I saw Alan Rudkin's email from Nordoff Robins' I have never replied to an email so fast. Chris then got to work to try and get the funding which he got.  

"Due to the pandemic I said to Alan that the sessions couldn't be in person, it had to be on zoom. Alan thought about how we could work that way and then we came up with the idea of the virtual choir. The brilliant thing about the choir is that it's so inclusive and just really good fun." 

One of the great things about the sessions is the lovely comments that some of the participants and their carers have sent Mary about their experiences whilst taking part in the choir. 

One attendee from Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire said: "I care for a lady on a fortnightly Friday to allow her carer to get some respite. I must congratulate Alan, Mary and all the people that join in the zoom choir. The hour I spend with my lady is just full of enthusiasm. The way there is no judgement and everyone -regardless of disabilities- Is encouraged to join in, It's just brilliant. 

Another person said: "I can't wait to come again. I was nervous at first and then the chill factor kicked in and I found myself singing after about half an hour."

Mary and her team are excited about the future of music therapy. And although restrictions might be lifting that doesn't mean the choir has to end. 

Mary said: "We are just going to see where things go, hopefully Alan can come and see people face to face. We are going to try and do a dual choir, those on zoom and those in person which is exciting. The main thing is people love doing it and they look forward to joining in every week."

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