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8 Jul 2024 Community

The Kirkwood 74 Kirklees Way Summer Challenge get’s underway

We are delighted to announce, The Kirkwood Holmfirth Support Group has created a new challenge for people to get involved in this Summer!

The challenge has been created around the number 74 and looks to raise awareness of The Kirkwood and the services we offer but also to fundraise for our charity.

Two of our dedicated volunteers, Helen and Keith Wilberforce are looking to walk the 74 miles of the Kirklees Way over nine days this September. Their personal challenge is the culmination of the bigger project called The Kirkwood 74 Summer Challenge Your Way. The challenge starts on the 10th of July and will run for 74 days with Keith and Helen doing their walk throughout the final nine days.

Keith, Helen and the rest of the Holmfirth Support Group are looking for people to challenge themselves by doing 74 of something. This could be doing 74 star jumps, drinking 74 cups of tea, running a mile a day for 74 days or even swimming 74 lengths in a pool. It does not matter what the challenge is as long as it involves the number 74.

Helen and Keith are doing the Kirklees 74 Way because they are enthusiastic about The Kirkwood and want to raise awareness, as well as raise funds for our charity. The walk for Helen will be a defining moment in her life having recovered from a heart attack and a triple heart bypass surgery last year. Helen also turns 74 this year and is determined to succeed in completing the challenge.

On taking on the challenge she said: “When I suffered my heart attack, I was shocked, because although I didn’t feel right, I had little pain. I was in hospital for two weeks before my surgery and once that was completed, I started my slow road to recovery.

“My life had been saved, many people had been supportive, especially the staff and volunteers with The Kirkwood where we have been volunteering for around five years.

“Keith and I want to ‘put something back’.  And I had somewhat limited the sponsored walk that Keith and friends were doing last year. When speaking with the cardiac care team in Kirklees they were encouraging me to get fit. I had already started to lose weight by eating more healthily and now that I enjoy walking, I wanted to complete this challenge. My training has me walking up to eleven miles a day. The Kirklees Way is 74 miles long and so we are looking to complete it over nine days."

“We’d love it if people wanted to join us on our walk even if it is just for a mile or two. It would also be very much appreciated if people would sponsor us and help us raise funds for The Kirkwood, a charity that we deeply care about.”

On the challenge and fundraising efforts, Julia Owen, Community Fundraiser for The Kirkwood said: “Helen and Keith have been fantastic volunteers for The Kirkwood, their time, effort, and dedication to raising funds and awareness for our cause is truly outstanding.

“We are delighted that they, along with the other Holmfirth Support Group members, have produced this new fundraising initiative and we hope lots of people get involved.

“The challenge is designed so that anyone can take part whatever your age. You can choose to do any challenge you like.

“We are proud that our Holmfirth Support Group has come up with this idea and it’s lovely that it all culminates in the final week where Keith and Helen will be doing their walk.”

Check out The Kirkwood website and visit our dedicated The Kirkwood 74 Summer Challenge My Way page to find out more. Click HERE to visit the page.

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