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14 Jun 2024 Community

The Holmfirth support group is created

The Kirkwood is delighted to announce that we have a brand new group supporting us. The Holmfirth support group is made up of people who are passionate about supporting our cause and endeavors to support people in Holmfirth and in the wider Kirklees community who are living with a life limiting illness. 

Just like our Batley and Birstall support group, our Meltham support group and Team Serenity. The Holmfirth branch will support our charity in much the same way as the others. With our very own Holmfirth shop involved in the group as well as local business owners, the group is already going from strength to strength. 

One of the originator of the group, and dedicated volunteer husband and wife team Helen and Keith Wilberforce are delighted to see the group's creation. 

On helping to form the group, Helen commented: “Keith and I attended training for volunteers wishing to become The Kirkwood Support Life Champions, having previously given talks to groups large and small as The Kirkwood Ambassadors.  

“There were a few people at the training with us who lived in and around Holmfirth, which is where we have lived for the last seven years.  

“We feel that we are part of two communities, others who live locally, and the ‘community’ that is The Kirkwood, where we volunteer on the In-Patient Unit for one day a week.

“We were asked to think about how we might best spread the message about The Kirkwood in our area where we live.

“It seemed a great idea to set up a group of local people committed to both telling people about The Kirkwood and at the same time to support each other in fundraising for The Kirkwood. It brings our two communities together.

“Our aims for the group include: To support existing fundraising activities and identify and exploit new opportunities;

To increase the awareness of The Kirkwood in Holmfirth to facilitate greater local engagement and volunteering;

To provide a welcoming environment for community engagement.

We don’t want to become a formal group! We’d rather simply focus on the above aims and celebrate the common purpose and friendship that the group provides.

“I really believe that retired people are a great untapped resource!  

“We often have skills and life experiences that go unused. Keith and I get so much more out of volunteering at The Kirkwood than we put in.  

“Whatever people do to support The Kirkwood is valuable, and I think everyone can do something!  

“It’s OUR (the people of Kirklees) organisation and is so much more than the In-Patient unit at Dalton. It's for all of us.” 

Finally Helen outlined the group's plans. She said: “Jayne Coxhead has already established a pattern of fundraising events based at Ten Fourteen restaurant.bar and grill. She has so much energy! And we are really fortunate to have Maria, she is the dynamic Shop Manager in Holmfirth.  

“Finally another member of our group Claire is currently working with Keith and I to plan our The Kirkwood 74 Kirklees Way Walk.  

“She is excellent at project planning and thinking ahead. We aim to cover the entire 74 miles during the week of my 74th birthday.

“We’re planning to support other events locally that are raising funds for The Kirkwood too as a group.  

“A local group organise Art Week in Holmfirth each year and this raises a lot of money for The Kirkwood. We’re aiming to help them with this.” 

If anyone is interested in joining the Holmfirth support group get in touch with our fundraising team HERE and they can put you in touch with Keith and Helen.

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