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29 Nov 2019 Community

Sedgie’s legacy

Alan Sedgwick spent his final days at Kirkwood in March 2018. Since then, Alan’s family and friends have raised almost £15,000 in his name to continue the legacy of the man who made them laugh every day and who they loved dearly.

Alan, also known as Sedgie, was a local man from Bradley. He was well-known and popular; always putting a smile on the face of everyone he met.

In December 2016, Alan was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, a cancer around the linings of the lungs caused by Asbestos, which sadly, could not be treated.

As Alan’s illness progressed, he was visited weekly by Kirkwood’s Community Nurse Specialist, Victoria Robinson, who would make sure he was comfortable and that his medication was under control.

One day, Victoria suggested a visit to Kirkwood Hospice to manage the symptoms of his illness. Alan wasn’t sure about the Hospice and looked to his wife, Tracey, for reassurance.

Tracey said: “When Alan was first diagnosed, we wanted him to be at home at the end of his life. But as he deteriorated I knew Kirkwood was the best place for him to be at the time.

 Tracey and Alan on their wedding day.

“Until we came to Kirkwood, we had no idea what it involved. All the staff are so nice and kind.

“The last three days, me, my daughters and Alan’s best friends stayed by his side; we were there 24 hours a day. You just couldn’t do that anywhere else.”

Tracey and Alan’s Daughter, Robyn added: “It’s the personal touches that were amazing. For example, the nurses would make the bed up for us when we stayed over. They also brought my Dad a fan when he had hot sweats. It is the little things that mean a lot.”

On the 5th March 2018, 10 days after being admitted to Kirkwood’s In-Patient Unit, Alan sadly died.

Tracey said: “Although we wanted Alan to be at home at the end of his life, looking back, I am so glad he was at the Hospice. We were able to spend time together as a family.

“They aren’t just nurses at Kirkwood, they are angels. I can’t thank them enough.”

Tracey and all of Alan’s family and friends are determined to continue Sedgie’s legacy in many special ways. They have already taken part in the Midnight Memory Walk, organised a charity fundraising night and even a ‘world tour’ with the Formula 1 team.

Tracey’s brother, Nick Storey, travels the world working as a Rigging Supervisor for Formula 1. He came up with the idea to take a photo of Alan (Sedgie) on his travels.

At every opportunity, in every country, Nick took photos of his colleagues holding Sedgie’s photo as special keepsake for the Sedgwick family, and to also raise awareness of Kirkwood Hospice.

If this wasn’t fabulous enough, Nick then organised a special and unique race to take place for the first time on the Abu Dhabi race track – straight after the Grand Prix in November 2018.

Hundreds of colleagues took on the challenge of cycling in teams around the world-famous track, raising an incredible £1,555!

 Team 'Red Bull' holding Segie's photo before the cycle challenge event.

 Charlie Whiting starting the cycle challenge event.

As a way to round off Sedgie’s world tour, the family then organised a big fundraising night at the Bradley Golf Club on Saturday 1st December. Tracey and her family were joined by their close friends and family, as well as Nick’s colleagues to celebrate the life of Sedgie.  

Not only did they dance the night away, but they held a raffle and an auction with some fantastic prizes raising £3,480.

Tracey said: We just want to give something back. We want to keep the Hospice going for other families.

“We will never forget Kirkwood. We will always want to give back.”

Tracey and her family continue to take part in annual Hospice events such as the Midnight Memory Walk to raise funds and awareness for Kirkwood.


Tracey has now become an official volunteer at Kirkwood in the Hospitality team and serves refreshments to families on the In-patient Unit every week. 

Nicola Barber, Community Fundraiser said: “It has been lovely getting to know the Sedgwick family and hearing all about Alan and how loved he was.

“We are so grateful to Tracey and her family who have worked tirelessly to not only raise an incredible amount of money for Kirkwood, but to raise awareness of the services we provide.

“Without the support of generous people in the community, Kirkwood wouldn’t be here today. For this, I cannot thank the Sedgwick family enough.”

So far, almost £15,000 has been raised in memory of Alan by his family and friends, and they want to keep going! 

 The Sedgwick family and Alan's friends presenting Kirkwood with a cheque back in July 2019. 

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