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22 May 2020 Care

Kirkwood’s student nurse, Lydia, shares her story with us

Meet Lydia Warman, one of Kirkwood’s newest recruits to the Nursing Team. Lydia is a student nurse who was in her final year of studying nursing at the University of Huddersfield. Having secured a role at Kirkwood to start later this year, Lydia was asked to join the workforce eight weeks ago to support the team during the coronavirus pandemic. Lydia shares with us her story...  

“I first decided that I wanted to become a nurse six years ago when I was working in my previous role as a community carer. I always felt that I wanted to progress and give even more in my wider community.  

“Both of my grandparents have passed away, and on reflection of the care they received, I believed that I wanted to be a part of someone else’s journey and support them through their toughest time.  

“I wanted to give more, to be able to speak up for my patients and ensure that they were able to have the very best end of life care – the care they deserved. 

“I am now in my final year of training at the University of Huddersfield and I had secured a role at Kirkwood to start later this year. But, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I was asked to bring my start date forward to support the team throughout the crisis.  

“It was incredibly nerve wracking with everything going on, with the increased nerves of starting a new job and just hoping everyone likes you and that you fit in! 

Student Nurse, Lydia Warman


“I have been working at Kirkwood for eight weeks now and I am really enjoying myself, even during these unprecedented times. Nothing is ‘normal’, but to see the care and compassion from everyone here allows me to leave work with a warm feeling in my chest and knowing I've been able to improve someone’s day.  

“The team at Kirkwood have been fantastic, everyone has made me feel so welcome and I already feel part of the team. The In-Patient Unit is so calm and is a happy place to be regardless of what is going on outside the front doors. 

“My favourite memory so far of working at Kirkwood is seeing the patients outside in their beds and chairs enjoying the recent sunshine – this has been a real highlight. To me, this is something I have never been able to support patients in doing, but at Kirkwood it is just second nature. To see the smiles on patient’s faces when they go outside and have a cuppa is just great. 

“I feel like it takes someone special to be a nurse at Kirkwood. The teamwork shown on the In-Patient Unit is just so different to what I've seen throughout my training. Every nurse has the time to give to each individual patient to ensure they are getting the very best care.  

“It is tough working as a key worker through these times, and it is difficult balancing work and family life. However, when you need to talk to someone, the team at Kirkwood are there for you. In my eight weeks here, I already feel so valued and proud to be a part of the Kirkwood team. “ 

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