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HR consultancy Beanstalk HR was set up in 2022 by Director Yvette Whitwam CIPD. With 20 years experience in Human Resources and 30 in people management, Yvette supports people managers and HR professionals to manage confidently and effectively. She champions inclusivity, diversity, employee engagement, and involvement.

The Kirkwood has a special place in her family’s heart, as her Grandfather and Uncle received end of life care at the hospice, and her Grandmother raised funds by making thousands of knitted toys over many years.

Through Beanstalk HR  Yvette provides pragmatic, professional, good value people solutions tailored to organisations, putting people management basics in place (even before they welcome their first employee); and providing support with all aspects of human resources and organisational development.

Beanstalk HR Ltd, believes passionately that keys to success like great culture and employee engagement needn’t be the preserve of large organisations with big budgets, which is why Yvette launched an affordable HR Membership - The Pod. HR services can also be by retainer or ad-hoc.

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