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Name: The Kirkwood 74 Summer Challenge Your Way

The Kirkwood 74 Summer Challenge Your Way

This summer we are inviting you to take part in The Kirkwood 74 Summer challenge, you can take part any way you like as long as it involves the number 74, this might be walking 74 miles, drinking 74 cups of tea, doing 74 push ups or simply stacking 74 jenga bricks on top of each other. 

Welcome to The Kirkwood 74 Summer Challenge - Your Way!

The challenge was created by members of our Holmfirth support group. 

Keith and Helen are long-term volunteers with The Kirkwood, last year Keith was doing a sponsored walk for us which was interrupted when Helen had a heart attack. She had a triple bypass and since then they have decided to celebrate her recovery by doing a joint long-distance fundraising walk for The Kirkwood. They have chosen the Kirklees Way, a 74 miles trek around Kirklees with The Kirkwood at its heart.

They are currently training and exploring the walk in readiness for their event in September 14th - 22nd. They would love individuals, families, businesses and groups to get involved. Their walk will culminate The Kirkwood 74 Summer Challenge, as well as getting involved in their walk we are asking people to take part in the challenge however they can. Whether that is drinking 74 cups of tea, stacking 74 Jenga bricks on top of each other or finishing 74 jigsaws. 

The reason for doing The Kirkwood 74 summer challenge is to help raise funds for our charity which supports life in Kirklees with anyone who is living with a life limiting illness. It's also to raise awareness of the services we provide and lastly it's supposed to be a fun thing to take part in this summer. 

When does it take place

The challenge runs for 74 days from Wednesday 10th July and finishes on the last day of Helen and Keith's Kirklees Way walk on Sunday 22nd September.

How you can join in...

There are so many ways to join in!

1. You could create your own 74 challenge - The Kirklees Way is 74 miles and Helen will actually celebrate her 74th birthday during their walk. You could do 74 walks, 74 of your own miles, 74 steps, 74 of anything during the summer and get sponsored for The Kirkwood. Do it your way!

2. You could simply sponsor Helen and Keith

3. You could join them on all or part of the Kirklees Way walk

If you'd like to find out even more about The Kirkwood 74 Summer Challenge and get involved with the community behind it then please click the link HERE to connect the dedicated Facebook page. 

Also check out the JustGiving page HERE and make a contribution or make your own page and take on your own challengeby fundraisingyourself. 

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