We are Syngenta, local people making products for a global market, contributing to the local economy by way of jobs, apprenticeships and trade. We’re doing our bit to create a sustainable future and we are a proud supporter of Kirkwood Hospice and the work they do.

The World’s population is predicted to reach 9 billion by the year 2050. Where will the food come from? Syngenta is a world leading crop science company, dedicated to bringing plant potential to life. Our award winning team in Huddersfield has an important role to play; making products which help farmers all over the world grow higher yields from their crops; fighting disease, pests and weeds, providing greater availability of quality food and lower costs for consumers.

Up to 80% of our Huddersfield workforce lives in Kirklees and we shall continue to recruit locally for years to come. As local people, we’ll keep doing our bit towards creating a sustainable future and continue our support for Kirkwood Hospice.

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